Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC)


The purpose of the Pediatric Protocol Review Committee is twofold: 1) to review the scientific validity of proposed studies in children, and 2) to ensure that appropriate and systematic measures to minimize risk to participating subjects are incorporated into the protocols; thereby, voting on and recommending a risk assessment to the Human Investigation Committee (HIC.)   

Protocols Requiring PPRC Review

All protocols that include minors as research subjects and:

  • Are conducted by a Principal Investigator whose primary faculty appointment is from
  • Yale School of Medicine
  • Yale School of Epidemiology and Public health


  • Any protocol using the resources of YNHH (regardless if conducted by Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Nursing, the YNHH Pediatric Dental Clinic, or any other Yale Research Affiliate)

EXCEPTION: Pediatric oncology protocols must utilize the PRC of the Yale Cancer Center.

For additional information regarding whether or not a protocol needs to go through the PPRC please email

2018 PPRC Meeting Schedule and Related Deadlines

Guidelines for Submission (New Protocol)

Process of PPRC Review

Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC)


Thomas Carpenter, MD

Alia Bazzy-Asaad, MD

For information contact:

Niece Hanna, MSW
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
2 Church Street South, Suite 112