YCCI 2013 Pilot Awardees

Just‐in‐Time Pilots Utilizing Core Technologies
PIDept.ProjectAmount FundedAward Dates
Barbara EhrlichPharmacologyStructural Interactions of Chemotherapeutic Agents$ 7,000.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Donald EngelmanMolecular Biophysics and BiochemistryMonitoring the Efficacy of Exercise in Recovery from Peripheral Artery Disease Using a Novel Imaging Probe$ 6,826.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Michelle HampsonDiagnostic RadiologyNeurofeedback for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder$ 6,900.004/01/13- 3/31/14
Mark HorowitzOrthopaedicsAnalysis of Adipogenesis in Human Lipomas and Liposarcomas$ 3,696.006/01/13- 5/31/14
Ifat LevyNeurobiologyNeural Correlated of Reward Learning in Obesity$ 6,900.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Deepak NarayanSurgery- Plastic SurgeryCharacterization of the Effect of PTH on Adipokine Secretion$ 7,000.004/15/13- 4/14/14
Kevin O’ConnorNeurologyMechanisms of Autoantibody Production in Myasthenia Gravis$ 6,378.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Abhijit PatelTherapeutic RadiologyTumor DNA in Blood as a Biomarker for Early Detection and Monitoring of Lung Cancer$ 7,000.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Godfrey PearlsonNeurobiologyAssessment of the Relationship Between Hormone Levels and Bariatric Surgery Outcome$ 6,984.807/01/13- 12/31/14
David PittNeurologyRetrieval and Charterization of Multiple Sclerosis Tissue from the Yale Pathology Tissue Archive$ 7,000.006/01/13- 5/31/14
Christopher PittengerPsychiatryAn Optimized Protocol for Multi‐Modal Imaging in Obsessive‐Compulsive Disorder Using the Human Connectome Project$ 6,900.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Nicola SantoroPediatrics- EndocrineRole of Common Variants in the 5’ And 3’ UTRs of Candidate Genes in the Pathogenesis of Pediatric NAFLD$ 6,900.007/01/13- 6/30/14
Just‐in‐Time Pilots Utilizing Core Technologies$ 79,484.80

Tactical Clinical and Translational Science Pilot Award
PIDept.ProjectAmount FundedAward Dates
Barbara EhrlichPharmacologyPrevention of Chemotherapy‐Induced Peripheral Neuropathy$ 14,000.007/15/13- 7/14/14
Tactical Clinical and Translational Science Pilot Award$ 14,000.00