YCCI 2010 Pilot Awardees

Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies
PIDept.ProjectAmount FundedAward Dates
Kurt RobertsSurgery- Bariatric/GastrointestinalPrototyping of Laparoscopic Suspension Retraction Device$23,400.002/01/10- 6/30/10
David SpiegelChemistryPreclinical and Clinical Development of Novel Antibody-Recruiting Molecules Targeting HIV for Treatment$ 7,000.0010/01/10- 6/30/11
Total Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies$ 30,400.00

NetHaven Practice Based Research Network
PIDept.ProjectAmount FundedAward Dates
Elizabeth FlanaganPsychiatryImproving Primary Care Treatment for People with Mental Illness by Enhancing Treatment Alliances and Decreasing Stigma$49,930.007/01/10- 1/30/12
Total NetHaven Practice Based Research Network$ 49,930.00