Pilot Programs & Awards

The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) is pleased to announce the 2014-2015 round of pilot grants. YCCI’s pilot program is a funding venue for conducting small-scale research projects to generate data that potentially could lead to further research and funding opportunities. YCCI will accept proposals in the following categories: 

This award is aimed at fostering interdisciplinary teams to work collaboratively on key experiments that may lead to the next phase of discovery. These projects should be strategically targeted to conduct research that will lead to the next step along the road to translation.
Ensuring that research is translated into practice is a difficult transition to navigate. This award is for comparative outcomes and community engagement projects that bridge the gap between science and the proven efficacy of treatments in order to translate these findings into practice.
This award is to advance technologies post discovery with an eye toward preclinical development. The aim is to provide funding for mature new technologies that are clinically viable or for the translational advancement of medical devices/treatments. These projects should be able to generate data that will facilitate industry collaboration in order to move concepts into the healthcare market.
Yale has several world-class cores but conducting research that utilizes these technologies is costly. This award is for pilot projects using such established cores as flow cytometry, genomics, and imaging for research that will lead to the funding of full-fledged grants.
Core technologies change as science progresses. Proposals for projects that utilize Yale’s emerging cores will fall into one of these categories:

•    Center for Biomedical and Informational Technology (CBIT): Viable prototypes, animal or pilot clinical data, and a compelling business case enhance the successful commercialization of biomedical technologies. This award provides Stage 1 and Stage 2 awards to promising projects that can benefit from the expertise offered by CBIT, a collaboration between the Schools of Medicine, Management; Engineering and Applied Science; industry; and YCCI.
•    Yale Center for Molecular Discovery (YCMD): For investigators interested in screening compounds but lacking the resources to carry out this research, YCCI is partnering with YCMD to offer this award for proposals of that demonstrate potential.
•    Informatics: Epic is a powerful new tool in the clinical research arsenal that has yet to be harnessed. This award will involve collaboration with the Epic team and YCCI analysts for projects that utilize the EMR to conduct research utilizing the data it contains.

The Pilot awards RFA, which features specific application and deadline requirements for each pilot category, is issued periodically and is sent to all Yale faculty. For the 2014-2015 RFA, click here.

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