Research in Progress Lecture Schedule


1/14/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Kyle Williams

Intravenous Immunoglobulin in the treatment of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal infections

James YuComparative Effectiveness Research and Large National Datasets: Lung radiosurgery
1/28/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Julie Womack

HIV Infection and Falls
Emily WangIncarceration is associated with worse health outcomes and antiretroviral adherence among HIV-infected patients
2/25/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Gulhan Ercan-Sencicek

A novel nonsense mutation in a consanguineous family with microcephaly, ID, short stature, and blindness
Andrew GoodmanNew tools for exploring the human gut microbiome
3/11/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Melissa Langhan

A randomized trial of capnography during pediatric sedation
Alex RyderVSV-Vectored hybrid hemagglutinins as broadly cross-reactive influenza vaccines
3/25/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Irina Esterlis    

Nicola SantoroHepatic de novo lipogenesis in youth
4/8/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Deborah Stanley-McAulay

Respect in the workplace
4/22/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203


5/13/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203


6/10/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

Jon Carlson

Christopher HammondTBA
6/24/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203

In-Hyun Park    

9/9/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
9/23/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
10/14/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
10/28/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
11/11/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
11/25/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
12/9/13Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
1/13/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
1/27/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
2/10/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
2/24/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
3/10/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
3/24/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
4/14/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
4/28/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
5/12/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
6/9/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA
6/23/14Monday12:00PMTAC N203TBATBA

YCCI RIP Meetings will be held on the second and forth Monday of the month.